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    Thinking ahead

    The Excellence Initiative of the federal and state governments gave an enormous boost in the targeted development of the RWTH Aachen. Based on the values of the RWTH was the underlying concept for the future of the Initiative for Excellence application now in a university-wide process to a long-term strategy for strengthening and profiling of all sectors of College expanded. Thus developed a huge dynamic that is reflected among other things in an extensive building activity.

    A visible sign of this is the RWTH Aachen Campus , resulting in close cooperation with the industry and will form one of the largest science parks in Europe. Students and employees of the RWTH Aachen will benefit from these forward-looking developments alike and are explicitly invited to participate in the design of individual initiatives.

    The multiple pulses affect already on the entire Aachen region and the entire triangle Germany / Belgium / Netherlands. The result is an innovative knowledge community that is strongly linked with the world's leading research and industrial partners.

    RWTH Aachen, the operative motor of this development and its prospects. And Aachen as livable and lovable city at the intersection of three cultures with its rich history offers an optimal environment for the necessary for this development creative forces.

    young talents in demand

    The RWTH Aachen University belongs with 260 institutes in nine faculties of Europe's leading academic and research institutions.In the winter semester 2015/16 43 721 students are enrolled in 152 programs, of which 7,904 international students from 125 countries. The training at the RWTH Aachen is mainly application-oriented. Graduates are therefore in business demand trainees and managers.

    National rankings and reviews attest the RWTH graduates a strong ability to deal with complex tasks, constructive problem solving in teams and to take on leadership roles. So it is no surprise that many board members of German companies have studied at the RWTH Aachen.

    Research centers, collaborations and patents

    The work of the research centers of the RWTH Aachen is strongly geared to the current needs of industry. This leads to numerous developments, which are patented and recycled. In one hand, strong technical differentiation and specialization the competence centers of RWTH Aachen practicing other hand, a very effective disciplinary and cross-faculty collaboration in interdisciplinary collaborations. This was the decisive factor in the decision of international research organizations such as Microsoft and Ford, to settle in the Aachen region.

    The innovation of the university also expressed in the high number of more than 1,400 start-ups. From around 32,000 new jobs in the region have emerged in the last 25 years. The RWTH Aachen is also largest employer and training in the region. It will continue to decisively influence the development of high-tech region as the driving force and shape.

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