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  • The Centre for Academic Engagement & Collaboration (CAEC) falls within the portfolio of the DVC: Research and Engagement of the NMMU. The CAEC is the umbrella unit whose focus is the formation and regulation of academic engagement partnerships with the broader community of the Nelson Mandela Bay. The CAEC is made up by four units,i.e. the Cooperative Education & Service Learning Unit, Continuing Education Unit, Community Engagement & Empowerment Projects Unit as well as the Graduate & Student Placement Unit.

    Our VisionEngagement

    To engage and form partnerships, interact with stakeholders and reach out and contribute towards the sustainable development of the communities it serves. These actions are directed at making the NMMU a transparent and user ?friendly institution which extends itself effectively to those who seek access to its knowledge resources, products and expertise.

    We intend to achieve this by:

    Providing a facilitating and support service to academic staff involved with academic engagement activities.
    Fostering and developing collaborative partnerships between the NMMU, industry, commerce, the community, including local, regional and national government agencies.
    Responding to community identified needs and providing a facilitative, co-ordinative and consultative function in terms of the aforementioned partnerships.
    Providing expertise and support to faculties with regard to liaison and partnerships with external stakeholders and community, the generation of third stream income and the exploration of opportunities with external stakeholders.
    Establishing co-operative education and service learning partnerships with external stakeholders.
    Providing an academic support service to faculties and a student support service as relates to co-operative education, service learning and graduate placement.
    Marketing the expertise of the Centres of Excellence and specialized units of the NMMU.
    Providing an administrative and academic support service to faculties in terms of Short Learning Programmes, customized and market driven programmes directed at the adult market.
    Providing assistance and support to departments and units involved in community development and empowerment projects.
    Our Mission

    Is to serve as the interface between the internal and external stakeholders of the NMMU and to be the catalyst in promoting, developing and maintaining partnerships between the NMMU and the external community.

    Our mission can therefore be achieved through:

    Co-operative Education and Service Learning partnerships:

    which provides:

    Academic support service to staff offering programmes with work integrated learning component i.e. experiential learning and service learning.
    Management, administration and operation of the co-operative education process at the NMMU i.e. policy/procedures, quality assurance advisory committees and external stakeholder liaison functions.
    Marketing and placement of experiential learning students.

    Short Learning Programmes and Customized Training Programmes for the adult market:

    which provides:

    Academic and administrative support services in terms of offering Short Learning Programmes aimed at generating 3rd stream income.
    Generic marketing of programmes, preparation of multi-disciplinary training tenders, registration, certification, logistical support, financial control, policy implementation and quality assurance.

    Graduate and Student Placement:

    which is charged with:

    Planning and organizing the annual Graduate and LawRecruitment Programmes andCareer Fair;
    Research and tracking of diploma and graduate employment rates;
    Placement of student assistants within the NMMU;
    Serving as the interface between students internally and employers externally.

    Community Development Unit:

    which is charged with:

    Facilitating and overseeing all aspects of NMMU community development efforts.
    Providing the full range of academic support and outreach services.
    Involvement of unit staff on operational level in community upliftment and empowerment projects.

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