Institute of Radioelectronics and Informational Technologies
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  • The key scientific areas being developed at the Institute include radioelectronic and telecommunication systems, mathematical modelling, power engineering technologies, information systems and systems of management.

    The integral part of IRIT Ð RtF is the research and education centre (REC) ÔInformation and Telecom Systems and TechnologiesÕ. The Centre includes four multimedia learning labs and three basic teaching labs as well as eight shared access research laboratories fitted with unique equipment unsurpassed in the Urals.

    Alongside with the partners, IRIT Ð RtF had established the Ural Regional National Instruments Technology Centre, ZyXEL Teaching and Research Centre for Network Technologies, Intel Centre for Competence in Wireless Technologies, Cisco Academy Teaching and Research Centre, Regional Academic SAP AG Products Certification Centre, Teaching and Research Centres with Siemens Co.

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