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B. Sc. program Neurosciences

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The research-oriented Bachelor (BSc.) Degree at the Medical Faculty are both the necessary medical and scientific foundations, including chemistry, physics, physiology, biochemistry and neuroanatomy and deeper Neuroscience modules, eg neuroanatomy of Rodentia, stereotactic or neurohistology mediated (see module manual). In Cologne, students complete in the fourth semester a research internship (6 months) in an institution or company of their choice. This allows the students a practical learning neuroscientific methods.

The bachelor's program is concluded with a three-month dissertation, in the evidence of the Bachelor candidates that they are able to independently edit neuroscientific issues and to document scientifically.

Professional goals and perspectives

The width of the training in both wissenschaftlichen-, as well as technical and practical range, allows students to obtain a professional degree after completing the program. In addition, the B. Sc capable. students to apply Neuroscience generally to the scientific Master courses and fast-track Ph.D- programs offered worldwide (see alumni network).

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