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Economics and Sociology Degree

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This training provides a culture in both economics and sociology:

  • understand the interactions between the economy and society
  • understand contemporary social and economic developments of these interactions in order to make an assessment and analysis and critical problematised
  • allow students to develop their problematization, synthesis, argumentation and writing, as well as a critical look at the social world.
On a professional level, students acquire skills of expertise and advice to help the economic, social and political actors to analyze problems related to the evolution of the economy and society. 
They are also able to drive surveys and socio-economic studies. the assets

  • The acquisition of a culture in economics and sociology throughout the licensing course helps the student - through mastery of economic concepts - understand the societal challenges. Similarly, the student will master and discover theories and sociology survey methods.
  • A first experience of the corporate world, with the possibility of an optional course in the third year.
  • The entire license is also available remotely by the Teaching Service Distance (SED).

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3 years

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