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Master Course in Neurosciences

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Department of Neurosciences

Grduate School of Medicine

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The Graduate School of Medicine promotes leading-edge research on illuminating the mechanisms behind the phenomena of life, as well as on cures for disease and improving our health. We research and teach in all medical related fields, such as medical science, health science, and nursing, with the goal of fostering individuals who will serve as tomorrow's international leaders in their fields equipped with creative powers for research. We have 13 departments which provide four types of degree program, namely doctoral degree program (Medical Science), doctoral degree program (Health Sciences), master's degree program and professional degree program. The Doctor of Medicine coursework consists of 9 programs in total. Molecular Cell Biology, Functional Biology, and Social Medicine for basic medicine; Internal Medicine, Reproductive, Developmental, and Aging Science, and Surgical Science for clinical medicine; and Pathology, Immunology, and Microbiology, Radiology and Biomedical Engineering, and Neuroscience for a fusion of basic medicine and clinical medicine. Regardless of the school or department from which you graduated, basic medicine programs are open to all doctoral and master's students. The clinical medicine programs are in principle open to medical doctors only, although we may accept other students depending on their field. Health Science is divided into two programs: the Department of Health Science and Nursing, and the Department of International Health. The Department of Health Science and Nursing broadly discusses health sciences and nursing, and aims to contribute to maintaining and enhancing social health. We provide training and research opportunities in health sciences for the maintenance of health and prevention of disease, and train leaders and educators who will research nursing. In addition to researcher training courses for master's and doctoral students, we offer health practitioner and nursing courses to increase the skills of our nurse practitioners. The School of International Health aims to find ways to improve the levels of population health worldwide through international cooperation in a broad range of academic fields from the biomedical sciences to social medicine. It is a unique program that transcends degree and departmental boundaries. The Department of Medical Science provides a masters' degree program for graduates in fields other than medicine, dentistry, and veterinary science in order to train researchers and educators in a wide range of basic medical fields. Those who wish to acquire doctoral degrees may enroll in the Medical Science doctoral degree program. The School of Public Health (professional degree program) was opened in 2007 to train highly skilled professionals in the public health field who will play a leading role in maintaining, enhancing, and restoring the health of patients, people in the community, and people across Japan, as well as improving their quality of life.

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