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B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering

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Electrical Engineering sometimes referred to as Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a field of engineering that deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. The field first became an identifiable occupation in the late nineteenth century after commercialization of the electric telegraph and electrical power supply. It now covers a range of subtopics including power, electronics, control systems, signal processing and telecommunications.Students start out as Electrical engineer in core Electrical Industry companies and can even try for IT jobs as well as jobs at Electronic based companies. In case of IT and Electronics companies the candidates relevant knowledge plays a key role in deciding which domain he/she may be chosen for. Within the industry as the candidate gains experience, the viable career positions are Senior Electrical Engineer, Project Engineer, Process Engineer, RF Engineer, Quality Engineer, Controls Engineer, and Field Service Engineer and so on.


Electrical and Electronics

4 years

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