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Diploma/Bachelor of pharmacy

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Application Fees $20


Bachelor of pharmacy at Kenya Methodist University is an innovative program that incorporates the contemporary philosophy of pharmaceutical care and medication therapy management as key components of the mission of the practice of pharmacy. The program is oered at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences. The program is unique as prepares the graduate to earn a degree as well prepare them to a life of leadership, service and Faith. The caliber of graduates will be expected to compete with the top best in the is not just focused on preparing them for the future but equips them to make a dierence in the lives of others and the world at large. The Faculty is composed of well seasoned professionals and caring educators who have conducted ground breaking work to inspires the lives of others.They have vast experienced in the area of Pharmaceutical science and clinical practice. The university also collobarate with other leading institutions who compliment the teaching experience.

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