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Diploma in Nursing

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    *      The Graduates & post Graduates with Experience can rapidly move toward leading positions in Nursing Education, administration of & research.
    *      The demand for skilled, qualified nurses is ever present throughout the world. As the government plans to widen the health services network, the demand for this profession would continue to grow.
    *      Nowadays even the corporate are entering this sector, further making this profession an exciting career option.
    *      It is estimated that there would be a demand of around 6 lakh nurses in the near future to improve the existing nurse-patient ratio, which is very low and unsatisfactory at present.
    *      The employment opportunities in this profession are available in government and private hospitals, community centers nursing homes, sanatoriums, clinics, crèches, schools, offices, factories, orphanages, old age homes research center.
    *      Remuneration in the government hospitals varies between Rs. 1400 to Rs. 2600 as basic salary. On the other hand salaries in private hospitals and clinics are much better. Salaries in this profession also depend on the level of seniority and vary from department to department.

Typical Career Path

    *      After successfully completing your course you will be registered in state Medical faculty
    *      Besides a good salary and job security, Nurses has other benefits. It can be very varied & flexible.
    *      You can work in a variety of places: hospitals, private-practice physician's offices, a federal nursing agency, and schools or in the military.
    *      one of the most popular specializations are pediatric nursing, psychiatric nursing, critical-care nursing, neonatal nursing Community Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, Maternity Nursing, and work as a nurse anesthetist.
    *      Nowadays, nurses even form their own new businesses such as nursing informatics (combining nursing and computers), legal nurse consulting (combining nursing and law) and home health-care businesses

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