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Film Special Effect Course

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Duration:-  35 HOURS (2 WEEK)

Description: The course prepares the student to perform makeup for the film and theater industry.
Stage and Television special makeup effects are taught combining modern special makeup effects. At the
completion of the course the students will obtain a Film Special Effect Specialist Certificate
Subjects: Special Effects (scars, latex noses, deformed faces), Skin Cuts
and Bruises, Blood Effects, and Aging Makeup, will complete a very modern
advance makeup curriculum. Color and lightening knowledge for theater
and film makeup will also be covered within this Curriculum.

Standard Valmy Uniform Dress Code:
Uniform, Gloves, Slipper/Shoes, Cotton Rolls, Cotton Buds, Terry Towels,
Tissues, Mask, Hair Net, Note Book and Pen.

Career Call: Specialist in Fantasy Makeup, Theater Makeup Artist and
Makeup Artist for Movies.

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